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September 4, 2014  

Imam Yusuf Ramadan ask... Do American Muslims have a perspective? /// "true believer" (co-opted word) /// Douglas Authur McCain, what motivated him? /// The Muslim Hate Parade /// Islam: in the heart and in the head /// convert or be killed /// living the Muslim life /// crossing the Atlantic to covert /// jailhouse conversion ...

Produced by William Kareem


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July 15, 2014  

Radio Host, Imam Yusuf Ramadan interviews 3 persons from the Philadelphia house of worship now known as Masjidullah.  It formally was a synagogue and then a church and now it is a masjid.  Resident Imam Mikal Shabazz, Business Manager Ali Salahuddin, and Imam Muhammad Abdul Alim discuss the recent events: Recent fundraiser featuring Nation Of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Imam Siraj Wahhaj /// Why Reconciliation? /// A Muslim American's reflections on the conflict in Iraq and Syria with Sunni / Shia / ISIS... /// Radio Audience Responds 

Produced by William TheK
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July 6, 2014  

99' Graduate, Jumanah Kareem, comes to the New York City radio studios of WPAT 930 to share memories of jumanahAtStudio.jpgattending the CLARA MUHAMMAD SCHOOL, QUEENS. 

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July 3, 2014  
Radio Host, Yusuf Ramadan reflects on American Political involvement in the War In Iraq /// "The Essential  Iraq" written in 1922 /// Chris Hedges - "The Ghoulish Face Of Empire" /// NEWS FLASH !!! ... and now a word from OUR simpletons & morons /// The law suit against President Obama /// American Politicians and the Organized Extremist /// Representative Charles Rangel and the "Old Man's Dream" /// 
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June 11, 2014  
Radio Host, Yusuf Ramadan and William Kareem discusses U..S. Foreign Policy and current media frenzy surrounding the RELEASE of the so-called "captured / prisoner-of-war / traitor" of  U.S.serviceman, Bowe Bergdahl. /// The deteriorating idea: "thank you for your service" /// The media questions the "Islamic Beard" and the utterance of Arabic in the Rose Garden of the White House /// Free thinking and the views handed down from "On High" /// The people who eat the opinion off of the left side of their heart. /// It's official: Americans are considered a "consumer population" /// The educated man verses the independent thinker /// PhotoShopped picture of Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion reading the Holy Qur'an - Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an by Denise A. Spellberg /// Dennis Prager vilifies Congressman Keith Ellison for taking his oath of office on the Qur'an /// The culture of "Winners & Losers" /// The Trumped Up Wars of America and the young men who serve /// Listeners respond 


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May 15, 2014  


05-15-14-AM360 -Radio Host,  Imam Yusuf Ramadan has a conversation with two Muslim Americans, Sister Sheri Umrani Muhammad, New Jersey and Imam Michael Saahir, Indiana.  They were invited recently by the Focolare Community to be a  part of a Muslim delegation to The Vatican, Rome /// The History of the Focolare Movement and the Community of IWDM /// 

PRODUCED BY: William Thek
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May 12, 2014  

05-10=14 Imam Yusuf Ramadan reflects on the issues of the day concerning Women's Rights In Islam and Boko Haram /// Statement is read from the CONVENER OF IMAMS in Association with Imam Wallace Deen Mohammed /// can't stand by silently /// SPECIAL GUEST: IMAM TALIB ABDUR RASHEED from the MOSQUE OF ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD and Convener for the Majjillis AShura in NYC.

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May 9, 2014  

Yusuf Ramadan, Hosof A NEW DAY FOR AL ISLAM IN AMERICA radio, shares some of his thoughts on the controversy surrounding LA Clippers owner: Donald Sterling.( Barbara Walters is mentioned)  . 7minutes long
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February 24, 2014  
02-22-14 - THE HOUR BEFORE... plays on radio station WPAT 930 AM (EST) every Sat. at 4am 
where you find creative sound and words of inspiration.  

This week : THE ROOTS (Soundtrack for a Revolution) ain't gonna let nobody turn me around /// Sounds of Blackness -The Pressure & Optimistic ///  S.O.T.E. Music "Please Save Us" ///  AMIR SULIAMAN - Dead Man Walking /// President Barak Obama - Time to lift the Minimum Wage, Give America a Raise /// The Verdict of Michael Dunn ( debate follows) 
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January 27, 2014  

VISIT : www.gregpalast.com

Investigative Reporter, GREG PALAST discusses some of his efforts to "inform" the public, with Radio Host, YUSUF RAMADAN and WILLIAM KAREEM.  

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